When I began my search for my child’s first educational experience, I knew I wanted three things: a safe environment for my toddler to interact with others, a positive learning experience; and nurturing teachers who could provide a stimulating curriculum. (Read More)

Lenny Huang(2014-10-15)
Thank you!

To Buddha Light Private School Teachers, Administrators,
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Tyson Kuha (2014-10-21)
不知不觉中,卡卡已经在“佛光山達拉斯人文學校”度过了将近一年的美好时光。她,曾经是第一天入学,面对父母离开时不知所措而嚎啕大哭,被老师搂在怀里不停安抚的小奶娃;曾经是蛮横霸道,不知道与人分享的小调皮。幸运的是,“佛光山達拉斯人文學校”有着极富耐心和爱心的老师们,在她们的关心和呵护下,卡卡健康快乐的成长着。上学,成为卡卡每天最期待的事情:在这里,她可以跟喜欢的老师们学习手工、童谣和舞蹈;在这里,有陪伴她开心游戏的一群小伙伴;在这里,有让她挥洒无穷精力的play ground… …。每天接卡卡回家时,我们都能欣喜地看到她发自内心笑容和她在生活技能上的进步。非常感谢老师们,正是由于你们的教导和呵护,让卡卡依然保持着可爱率真的天性,让她学会如何关爱他人并与小伙伴们和睦相处,让她拥有了这么美妙的童年。

Annika Vargason (2015-9-30)
Our family loves BLPS!  Both of our children began attending at 18 months old and continue in the after school care program.  They are happy, well-adjusted and enjoy school.  Thanks for the great start at BLPS!We chose Buddha’s Light because of their outstanding bi-lingual (Chinese and English) educational program, fresh vegetarian lunches cooked on-site for the kids, reasonable tuition, and caring staff and teachers.We are very pleased with the education our child received at Buddha’s Light Private School!  He was extremely well-prepared, both academically and socially, in the school’s pre-school program for kindergarten.  The teachers and staff members are exceptional and instilled a love of learning in our child!

Micale, Patsy Y(2015-9-25)