Online Dharma Service

Dharma Service – 12/5/2021, 10:30 AM CST

Regular Activities
Sunday Chanting Services
IBPS Dallas holds a regular chanting service every Sunday from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm. The service is followed by a Dharma talk. After the Dharma talk, we can enjoy our most delicious vegan lunch buffet. The chanting and Dharma talk will be held in the Main Shrine (3rd floor) whereas the lunch buffet will be offered in the Dining Hall (2nd floor).

Meditation Classes

IBPS Dallas offers meditation classes. The purpose of the meditation class is to introduce and practice various meditation techniques to develop concentration, mindfulness, and serenity. Please see website for updates regarding meditation class.

Buddhism Studies

Buddhism studies are offered in two languages, English and Chinese.  By attending these lectures, one can comprehend Buddhism and sutras in depth, have a profound understanding of wisdom, and attain perfect enlightenment. Please see the website for updates.

Calendar of Events

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