We enrolled our daughter at Buddha’s Light Private School as soon as she was old enough. On our first visit, we knew that the school was going to be a perfect fit. The classes are small and the teachers are fantastic. All of them are very dedicated and full of energy and life. In addition, the school offers an immersive Mandarin language class for their daycare and pre-K age children. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found this school. Our daughter has progressed exceptionally well and she is fluent in Mandarin. We wish we could continue past pre-K but she’ll be back for their after school program. Everyone at the school, especially the director, makes you feel like you are part of a larger family. Buddha’s Light is highly recommended.

Blake Boling (2015-10-7)

Our daughter has really done well at Buddha’s Light. She is 2 ½ and we, of course, worry about her health and happiness, socialization, and development. She seems very excited every day to go to school and happy at the end of the day. The learning environment, activities, structure, fresh food, happy people at work every day…all very important. They have an indoor bounce house for rain days or cold weather, which is neat.

The report cards at the end of day are really good and the message boards keep us up to date. All helpful information for coordinating care. Her reports always say she was in a happy mood, what she ate, how long she napped, etc. Our daughter has a strong personality, and I secretly hope there are no 2 year old “meltdowns” like we see at home. I have noticed at home that she is more interested in cleaning up and reading and so forth. We were worried about babies getting sick at regular daycare, but the BLPS facility is clean. You can tell everybody is very vigilant and conscientious, not like other places.

So, we are very happy and feel like the environment is enriching for our daughter. We plan to add our other daughter at 18 months, too. We like the tenured teachers and the Mandarin immersion for our baby’s future development. When they are old enough, we hope the Mandarin will help them get into a tri-lingual charter school and do the after school program at BLPS.

Shawn Heiser (2015-11-19)
Our 5-year old son, Kai, has been attending Buddha's Light Private School (BLPS) for the last few years. We initially chose BLPS after much research primarily for its Chinese-English bilingual Preschool program; we stayed and recently enrolled our 2-year old as well because the school has so much more to offer.

All the teachers are experienced, caring, and full of patience and love. The facility is spacious and well-appointed with a fun and secured playground (also perfect for kids’ favorite Splash Day in the summer!). The school administration is easy to work with and extends flexibility when needed.

As we watch Kai grows into a kind and happy boy under the care of BLPS, we can’t thank the school enough for providing such a loving and nurturing environment. We highly recommend BLPS to any parents who are looking for a high caliber bilingual program supported by awesome teachers!

Kevin and Beverly (2021-6-28)
At the very first time I heard about IBPS, I was amazed that the school was already cultivated in the Dallas area for such a long time. My coworker Stella also referred me here since her daughter Katelyn spent wonderful time in IBPS. I still remembered that the first visit at school was unforgettable. The classroom was clean and Ms. Bessie walked us through the well-maintained facility.

During the pandemic, everyone's life was hurt a lot, including our kids. At that time, because my mom was no longer able to babysit Bradley, we decided to let our kid join IBPS. This was the best choice I made for the past few years. I still remember the first day Bradley came here, he was yelling because he never left us. However, after a week, my concern was unnecessary. He really spent a great time in IBPS, because every time I picked him up, his face was full of smiles. He will say goodbye to teachers and the principal sincerely.

At night, he would look forward to going to school the following day. I don't think there is anything more persuasive to tell people that our kids really love IBPS other than their smiles. My wife and I both appreciated that IBPS provides our kid with not only a comfortable and interesting atmosphere, but also the great friends and the great time they had in school. Thank you!

Ko (Andy) Tang (2021-06-29)